According to the Daily Mail, when the mother of three children, Mary Corrigan began to lose her hair felt very bad. My stay was almost bald Corrigan hat comes out. He was admitted to the cosmetologist, but they said they could not help him. Mary from that moment he developed his own problem-solving.

After a long research of marine animals like to eat meat rich in iron of mussels and clams (cockle), venison and leafy green vegetables including ‘allowing the regrowth of hair on a diet’ has developed.
The first 4 months did not just hair but the hair has thickened and strengthened further.
Corrigan, ‘My hair four years ago, portions of my head began to pour starting from the rear. This loss has increased dramatically within a few months. I consult a doctor immediately, but my blood tests came out normal and I was recommended to stay away from stress. began to research the causes of them. I saw how important it was for serum iron and iron storage protein in the hair. Hair loss can start in less than 40 mg of iron stores are experiencing problems. Mine was 19 mg. Many dermatologists for hair roots indicate that this ratio should be 80 mg, “he said.
Sugar-free in terms of iron-rich food diet regain their hair by Mary Corrigan, says at least 15 mg of iron a day, every woman needs.
Here is a simple menu:
Breakfast foods including fortified cereals and orange juice.
Lunch of a ham sandwich, wholemeal bread, and salad.
Evening paella made with shellfish such as mussels or deer meat burgers and watercress, lettuce, peppers, tomato, and pumpkin seed salad dinner.

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